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This Easter season is one where we celebrate the newness of life that Christ brings and our current sermon series “Fruit of the Spirit — Transformation As A Community” seeks to move us from personal transformation to transformation as a community in Christ.

We have an exciting quarter ahead and I just wanted to share some upcoming plans as I invite your participation and prayers. For the first time in FCC, we will be having a special IDAHOTB service on 20 May. IDAHOTB stands for International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia & Biphobia. Last year, the pastors together with our transgender support group decided that we will no longer continue having a TDOR (Transgender Day of Remembrance) service. Instead, we felt celebrating IDAHOTB Sunday might be more inclusive, relevant and helpful in integrating more people. So come join us as we reflect on our personal biases and see how God can transform and expand our minds and hearts!

I also wanted to let you know that we have listened to your feedback and instead of having a church retreat this year, the organizing team and the pastors have decided to have an FCC Family Day on 15 June. It will be a fun time of getting to know and bonding with people outside your usual cg and ministry groups so do keep this day free and join in the fun and festivities. More info will follow in the next few weeks and I look forward to a fun and exciting quarter with you!


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