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Recently, you’ve heard through our announcements that we are encouraging everyone to come earlier before the Call to Service at 10:30am. The reason we are doing so is because we would like all of us to be involved in welcoming each other home. Welcoming newcomers and old-timers is something that each of us can do and it’s not just the “job” of the Welcome Team. So please don’t worry, we are not really introducing anything new. Our Call to Service still starts at 10:30am as always. We just want to live out the spirit of “Welcome home” as a community better, and we’re inviting you to be a part of it. 🙂

We are also organising two events as our offering in support of PinkFest this year: a Coming Out Workshop and a Parents Appreciation Tea. Many of us struggle or struggled with the coming out process and many of our parents feel very alone and isolated after finding out their child is lgbtq. So take this opportunity to be of support to those who have questions about coming out and also invite your parents to the Parents Appreciation Tea so they can hear from other parents and be appreciated by you. You can find out more about these two events here:

Coming Out Workshop:

Parents Appreciation Tea:


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