Dear Friends

As the hustle and bustle of year-end activities set in, may I invite you to pause, ponder and participate with these 3 opportunities that are coming up at church:

1. This evening (Thur, 6 Dec) we will be having the last session of our series, In the Footsteps of Jesus. Wendy will be facilitating and this is what she says: “Tonight we will prepare for our Israel trip, not with our head, but with our heart. Many of us hope to enrich our faith by walking, seeing, hearing, touching, smelling, and tasting aspects of the land where the Jewish people developed their understanding of God, which for us as Christians culminated in the person of Jesus. Join me tonight for “Jesus Encounter” – an individual meditative writing exercise where we use our imagination to enter a gospel narrative, picturing ourselves as characters in the story. This exercise has helped me draw near to Christ – to “see” his face and “hear” him speak a personal word to me, and to know Jesus more intimately and receive God’s love.”

2. Mrs Yap will be holding an art show and sale in memory of Rev Yap this Saturday, 8 December, 3-6pm at the YaleNUS Art Studio. She is very kindly undertaking all the costs of this event and wishes for all the proceeds to go to the FCC building fund as well as Movement Affirming Pluralism (MAP), an inter-faith movement that Rev Yap started. We are grateful for her love and generosity, even as we remember all that Rev Yap was to us.

3. We started a Christmas Conversation series last Sunday that was well attended by some of our adults and youths. We continue this Sunday right after service for a conversation over snacks with the question “What have you always wanted to say, but couldn’t?”

Do come join us for some or all of these activities and may our God of hope, peace, joy and love be with you always.


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