The Left Hand side of Dirty Hands involves working on social issues, particularly in terms of advocacy. Currently we participate in advocacy events by either hosting part of the event or encouraging our members to participate in externally organized events.

Hosting Oogachaga’s Pink Trail

Hosting YoungOutHere’s OutRace

“I had the opportunity to strike up a conversation with the volunteer first-aiders that were assigned to our station at FCC. They mentioned that they really liked the space – the design was really homely, and they never knew a LGBTQ friendly church existed. Somehow we ended up discussing the relevance of religion in the lives of LGBTQ youths today. It was really amazing that she didn’t feel intimidated by the difference in our religious affiliations, and even wanted to use the space for her marriage.” – Soo Kuang

Participating in the Apa Itu Activist Forum


“I’ve always pictured advocacy as a rather conflict-driven thing – what with writing aggressive letters to organizations, signing petitions for a cause and controversial acts of civil disobedience. But in fact, for many organizations that have had success in engaging the government, it turns out that successful engagement involves a conscious refusal to demonize others. Shaming the other might give you some (impermanent, unsubstantiated) sense of justice but that never helps build the kind of relationships so needed for the changes we need so badly.” – Mark

Participating in Oogachaga’s Coming Out Graciously forum


Participating in International Women’s Day events

The IWD Walkabout


FCC’s IWD Football team

Football Team

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