Right Hand ministries aim is to provide opportunities for FCC members to engage in direct acts of support to the immediate needs of others less fortunate.

House Visits to the Elderly



“From a purely functional perspective, I did not feel we did much. Mopping the floor was accomplished with little effort and we did not even clean the windows, as we set out to do – she wouldn’t let us.  Between taking turns mopping and after, we chatted, enquiring about her health, how she met her sworn brother and how they came to depend on each other.  It wasn’t just about the cleaning, it was giving, connecting and making – that made the time spent worth it.”  – Eugene

Ward Visits at the Institute of Mental Health


As I reflected on the afternoon celebration for the IMH patients’ last Saturday, I asked myself how we have made a difference. What difference did we make if any? Or as my boss at work would like to ask, “So, how did we value add in the process?” I think part of the answer lies in our being fully present with them. Being fully present to listen to them sing (which they did with gusto), being fully present to watch them dance (which they did with wild abandonment), being fully present to listen to their personal life stories (which they shared with anybody who cared enough to listen). Being fully present and letting them know that they truly matter.

– Adrian

imh induction

“I’m always very happy to see y’all here. But I very shy to talk. It’s like the best medicine with no side effect.”

It’s always nice to know that all of us here are making a difference in someone’s life. And at the same time, we are transformed too”

– WZ

English Tuition for Migrant Workers


Grammar Lessons / Class Discussion

teacheng1 teacheng2

Food Bank for the T Project Shelter


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