In Pauline’s sermon last Sunday, she talked about the triple filter test of Socrates –

Is it true?
Is it good?
Is it useful?

Perhaps there is one more – is it loving?

“Tell the truth in love.”

Not an easy thing to do. Telling the truth and loving are difficult enough on their own, to do both of them at the same time is an even more difficult balancing act.

When we lean too much towards love, the truth we want to tell may be obscured in all the padding we put around it. When we lean too much towards the truth, the truth may be cutting.

As we learn to live as a community – i hope we commit to living out how to tell the truth in love so we may edify, lift up and build up each other.

Come join us this Sunday as we bring all these ideas we talked about in the past few weeks – gratitude, promise-making and promise-keeping, truth-telling – and understand how they are the basis for hospitality and critical to how we want to live out our motto “welcome home”


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