Dear friends

Thank you for your prayers and participation at the Coming Out Workshop and Parents Appreciation Tea last weekend. A big thanks to those of you who were present and lent a hand, and I especially appreciate Julia and Elsa for sharing their coming out journeys at the workshop, as well as Keith and Miak’s mum for sharing their journeys as parents at the tea. We had about 35 people attend the Coming Out Workshop and most were young people who shared that they found it really helpful and asked if we were organizing any more in future. As for the tea, one parent wrote to me and said it was such a tender and authentic space that we created.

We are thankful and know that this is just the beginning of a lot of much needed work that God is calling us to.

This Sunday, i will be sharing about Joseph and how we can brave adversities in life with hope and grace even when everything around us seems dark and bleak. See you!


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