Dear friends,

This week must be so hard for all those affected by the HIV data leak. We heard the news with great dismay and indignation, and can only imagine how all our affected siblings must be feeling. We are very concerned about the emotional and mental well-being of our siblings, and want to specially extend our love and support to those who are affected by this leak. We want to tell you we are here for you. If you need someone to talk to about your concerns and fears, or just someone to journey with you through this situation, please don’t hesitate to contact either Pauline ( or Miak ( We are here for you.

Those among us who know of friends who are affected by this leak, please take the initiative to reach out to them and offer your support. I’m sure it will be mean a lot to them. We are the body of Christ. If one part hurts, every part hurts with it. So let’s embody this love and care to all those who need it especially at this time.

We are thankful for each of you, and want you to know you are much loved.

Pauline and Miak

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