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Last week during Sunday service, we had a record breaking number of announcements that threatened to be longer than my sermon. There are many things that are coming up this month – as Pauline mentioned last week in the bulletin, we are hosting not one but two events in conjunction with Pink Fest. On 21Jul, we are having the coming out workshop, and on 22 Jul, we have the parents appreciation tea. There are not many places where supportive parents can connect with other supportive parents of LGBT folks and it would be great to invite your parents to join us. i have asked my parents to join us – and it would be really an opportunity to support them, as they supported us.

We also have a few ministries in need of more volunteers – for Dirty Hands, we need more volunteers to visit the two elderly ladies we have adopted since we moved to Commonwealth, and we also need volunteers for our T-mart to contribute food and/or visit the T-project Shelter.

The children’s ministry is also in need of folks to volunteer as Sunday school teachers – don’t worry if you don’t have experience – you would shadow our current volunteers to get a more experience and you won’t be doing it alone. We really need more folks to step up so that the current volunteers don’t have to serve too many times in a month.

Anyone interested in joining any of these ministries (and the Audio Video ministry) please email and we will connect you with one of the leaders.

Next, Davian’s book “Whatever Commandment There May Be” that challenges the belief that homosexuality is incompatible with Christian teachings, is available for pre-order. You can pre-order the physical copy here – or order the e-book here –

Also, we will be starting the 18th (if i counted correctly) run of Living Water, the support group for men reconciling faith and sexuality. It will happen every Wednesday. Please sign up at and pass it on to friends who may be interested.

Finally, we are gearing up for Pink Dot – and our church T-shirts designed for Pink Dot would be on sale again on Sunday at $25. Proceeds go to the church building fund.

Whew! What a flurry of things happening! i look forward to seeing you all on Sunday!


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