Dear friends,

How are you in this season of Easter?

In the midst of all the talk regarding healing, restoration and wholeness, do you sometimes still feel tired, discouraged and broken? Life can be tough, and healing, restoration and wholeness in the various areas of our lives can often feel like a distant reality. I want you to know that God sees us…truly sees us…and God understands our struggles and our heartbreaks. And resurrection is round the corner even when things seem pretty bleak. Because that is what our God is about.

One thing I was reminded of recently was the importance of giving thanks for the “ordinary” and for the people in our lives who continue to hold us up. For the people whom we love and who love us. Come join us this Sunday as we give thanks for the people in our lives who matter, and explore how we can increasingly make a difference with our lives too.

We will also be celebrating IDAHOT Sunday on 19 May 2019. Do join us for this special service too!


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