Dear friends

Happy National Day everyone!

Last Sunday, i shared about feedback we received regarding the changes we made at the beginning of service. As we wanted to start worship on time and create a worshipful environment, we only allowed latecomers into the sanctuary in between worship songs. While many people were fine waiting at the door, we received feedback that it created a very unwelcoming feeling. For some people who were not welcome in other churches, their first experience of FCC was also being kept out.

We have discussed about it as the leadership of the church and it is not our intention to make anyone feel unwelcome, nor is it our intention to shame people who are late. That goes against our values as Free Community Church.. We are sorry that we have not thought through this implementation and we have not lived up to our principles and values as a community.

We would returning to how we used to do things – we only keep people waiting at the door during prayer so that we do not affect the silence.

When we say, Welcome Home, we mean it!

We hope to truly reflect the love of God for all in what we do, and what we say.

This Sunday, Kathy and Keith would be sharing – they would be returning to the US next month, and we hope that they could share with us their experience being part of this community and what they think God is leading us to do in years to come.

See you on Sunday!


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