200gary Gary CHAN

M. Theo & Min (UK) | Chairperson | Gary grew up in a Christian family in the Presbyterian tradition. Back then God was simply the “big guy” that he would run to (frequently) only in times of trouble. His adventure with God really got started in his early 20s when he made his decision to follow Christ at an altar call in a Methodist church where he was the only respondent. He subsequently spent the next seven years learning to love God passionately in a large independent church where he was involved in the worship ministry. Gary was a founding member of FCC and helped to start the Sunday Service and serves today in church leadership, worship ministry and missions. He graduated in 2011 with a Masters in Theology & Ministry from King’s College, London.

200jaime Jaime LOW

Board Member | Jaime was born into a typical Buddhist/Taoist family, and did not have a good impression of Christianity due to encounters with over zealous Christians. Her relationship with god began not with a dramatic experience, but with a slow exploration through books and seeing the presence of god in friends around her. She now continues her journey of faith in FCC, and hopes to live out an authentic life where her thoughts and actions are aligned with her understanding of being a follower of Christ.

200chonglipChong Lip KOH

Board Member | Chong Lip grew up in a predominantly Buddhist background, until he encountered Jesus in the classrooms back in his secondary schools. He converted at 15, wanting to experience the abundant life that Jesus promises to all, to even a misfit like himself. In his first year at Church of Singapore (Marine Parade), he got baptised and served as a Sunday school teacher. Today, Chong Lip oversees the video ministry and co-leads YOUnique cell group. He hopes that through his time on the Board of FCC, he will be able to represent the diverse voices of the congregation.

IMG-20151115-WA0001~02Shawn LEE

Board Member | Shawn’s first experience with Christianity happened at the age of 7 when he attended a Methodist primary school. Despite his family’s strong disapproval, he secretly explored Christianity through his classmates and hymns he sang in school. In the younger years, Shawn had a rough journey with God, from the disapproval of his family on his faith to discovery of his sexual orientation and rejection from his previous church members due to that, he gave up his journey with God at the age of 19 years old. With God’s Grace, he was guided back to God’s Kingdom again at the age of 21 through Free Community Church. He has been attending FCC since then and currently leading the Welcome Ministry and one of the cell groups and lives an openly Christian gay man at work. He strongly believes that people are the core in the Kingdom of God because God loves every single person in the world. He hopes to make Free Community Church a welcoming place that every single person can feel God’s love and miracles.

Irene 2

Irene LEE

Board Member | Irene started attending church with her siblings since she was five years old, and was baptised when she was ten. Fiercely independent, she believes that a loving and forgiving God had kept her out of harm’s way even when she had every opportunity to be bad growing up. ‘I could have been in and out of jail were it not for fellow Christians whom the Lord had used to guide me through the challenges I had back then.’ She continued attending church faithfully and had even gone to remote parts of Thailand and Sri Lanka as part of the Christian outreach missions in her late teens and early twenties. Her experiences there cemented her faith. Irene attributes her success in life and who she is to a benevolent and gracious Lord and is humbled by the conviction and example of her ever-present companion Jesus. She prays that by serving in the worship team and now, as part of the FCC Board, she can encourage others to return to our creator and experience the unconditional love that was, is and is to come.