The Philosophy behind Dirty Hands

Fundamental to Dirty Hands is the belief that every follower of Jesus desires to be not just a passive recipient, but an active expression of God’s abundant love for all. Whether through alleviation or advocacy work, Dirty Hands is committed to encouraging fellow members of FCC to live out our response to God’s love not just amongst ourselves, but additionally within the larger community that we are embedded. In doing so we strive to translate theology into practice, and remain alert to those moments where God is teaching us important spiritual lessons in unexpected ways.

Left Hand Activities

The Left Hand side of Dirty Hands involves working on social issues, particularly in terms of advocacy. Currently we participate in advocacy events by either hosting part of the event or encouraging our members to participate in externally organized events.

Right Hand Activities

Right Hand ministries aim is to provide opportunities for FCC members to engage in direct acts of support to the immediate needs of others less fortunate.